Ralph Renés' Biography

René is the last name of a mostly self taught "extra bright kid from the slums," who says he was "a victim of a plot of Byzantine proportions in the second grade." It involved a "conspiracy between his mother and his grammar school teachers" and resulted in his being skipped a grade. This placed him in "the glorious position of always being the youngest, smallest and brightest kid in the class." Transferred to a new school in the fourth grade, he subsequently "became an anathema to his teachers." 

He describes his high school years as "a full scale academic war." After a year of factory work he attended Rutgers University in Newark, NJ.  The war broke out again and he did not finish college and is, therefore, without "proper academic credentials."

He become a carpenter and millwright and continued his education at home.  He taught himself structural and mechanical engineering which led him back to physics. Over the years he sketched and built prototypes for numerous inventions but finances limited the number of patents he could afford.  However, he applied for and was granted two basic patents. 

After 23 years of hard physical labor, his hips became severely crippled by arthritis. That slowed him down to a painful hobble and he started his research and writing on scientific anomalies. The twenty eight years since the onset of his arthritis produced a hundred controversial columns for various Mensa publications under the heading "One Man's Opinion". He also wrote a non-fiction book on scientific anomalies and another on the Apollo Moon landings. Their are also two sequential science fiction novels, and two sequential detective stories.

Over a decade ago, the Rand Corporation contacted him pleading for contributions of free inventions or thoughts relating to space for NASA.  Two years later he received from the superintendent a free, full sized, thick, glossy page, full color NASA propaganda document.  To his complete surprise he found his name printed in the middle of page A-51.  To deserve this questionable honor, at least one of his ideas had to pass three sequential screening committees. By intonation this listing made it seem that he was a booster of a NASA's manned Mars mission.

By that time he had begun to have severe doubts that NASA's Apollo program's had ever landed men on the Moon.  His anger at the use of his name as a booster to another government hoax without any communication since he had sent in the free ideas resulted in his close scrutiny of NASA Moon landings photos.  The result of that scrutiny was his book, NASA MOONED AMERICA!

Don't you agree that as a "former" consultant to NASA and the Rand Corporation that his credentials are impeccable?

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